I can’t wait for this Saturday 18th August in Faqra, I’ll be giving a very yummy RAW VEGAN WORKSHOP for the wellness event. 🍓🍫🥦🥑🍩🍄 It will be after the yoga class from Sarvam around 11.30am MENU will be 🥥🌴fresh coconuts🍼🍿salted caramel probiotic almond mylk🍄☕️Elixir crafting; mushroom cap-uccino elixir🍊💛turmeric mango sunshine bowl🍫☕️layered tiramisu parfait🍪🍫rawsome protein cacao brownies with salted caramel sauce & coconut whipped cream. I will be showing you some amazing nutrition filled snacks, meals & guilt free sweets n' treats. Learn some of the secret techniques & tips raw food chefs use. All my recipes are gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free & plant based. You will all get a handout with my recipes & will be eating as we go or taking home to enjoy over the weekend. I’ll be using the yummy @siplebanon coffee in my treats and the only plant based vegan protein all the way from Australia that I sell in Lebanon @nuzest.aus @nuzest_lebanon. As spots will be limited & I need to cater enough food for bookings inbox me to book your spot or what’s app 70665533 to secure your superfood seat. It will be a very Colorful fun informative demo outside in nature in beautiful Faqra. #raw #vegan #cookingclass #healthy #rawshine #byshani #yoga #goodvibes #handmadewithlove #beirut #lebanon #faqra #faqraclub #outdoor #nature #saltedcaramel #chocolate #coconuts #elixir #workshop #superfoods #veganprotein 😃 @matisseevents @siplebanon @faqraclub
by rawshinebyshani / Instagram

ورقة الحرٌري
”ورقة الحرٌري“ االقتصادٌة التً ٌتباحث فٌها مع االطراف السٌاسٌة وٌتوقع طرحها امام المواطنٌن لتخفٌف موجة االحتجاجات، انها تتضمن ما سماه ا

مقترحات لتعديل الدستور - لبنان ينتفض
لبنان ينتفض الزالة الطبقة الحاكمة الحالية ، يجب العمل عىل ازالة المادة ال . انكافة الحكومات ىت عينتهم م الدستور الن الغاء الطائفية سيؤدى اىل الغاء...


38 Countries & Destinations Lebanese Can Visit Without a Visa
Find below a list of 38 countries and palces that we Lebanese can visit without a Visa. It's nice to know about such a list when planning a...

Almost $200 Generator Bill for June in Lebanon

Almost $200 Generator Bill for June in Lebanon
Generator Electricity Bill for Safra, Lebanon  So the bill for the 10 AMP generator electricity bill is 280,000 LL, add to that the normal...

The Rabbit Island , North Lebanon جزيرة الارانب ، شمال لبنان (Palm Island)

The Rabbit Island , North Lebanon جزيرة الارانب ، شمال لبنان (Palm Island)
The Rabbit Island or Palm Island or Jaziret l araned is the biggest island in Lebanon stretching at 4.2 KM2, it is located 5.5 Km from the coast...