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Beirut Lunapark

Beirut Lunapark

Beirut Lunapark from Prospektor on Vimeo.

Beirut Luna Park (2007, 11 min) tells the story of the oldest amusement park in the Lebanese capital that has survived civil war, economic downfall and recently even a bomb attack.

The film is part of the Dreamcities project, a long term project of photographer Anoek Steketee and the two journalists of the journalistic collective Prospektor.

Dreamcities portrays extraordinary amusement parks around the world. Magical places that stand out
because of their remarkable history, unexpected location or surprising clientele. Amusement parks can be 
found all over the world, even in countries dealing with chaos, war, the past, identity politics or poverty. 
Sometimes the everyday reality on the other site of the gate is in stark contrast to the dream world created
by the amusement park. In this environment, which is as pleasant as it is surreal, people are portrayed 
who, for one day, escape everyday reality.