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Saint John Church Byblos Panoramic 360 Interactive View

Link: https://www.lebanoninapicture.com/pano/saint-jean-church-byblos/

A panoramic 360 View for the Church of St John the Baptist Byblos

Located in the city of Byblos (Jbeil), a very interesting religious site and a must visit if you are Lebanese or non Lebanese but decided to visit Lebanon

Construction of this Romanesque-style church commenced in 1115 and the structure was extended and improved over the next centuries. It have an interesting mixture of Arab and Roman designs, with remains of Byzantine mosaics from an earlier structure scattered around the area.

The unusual open-air baptistery sits against the north wall, its arches and four supporting pillars topped by a dome.

Around the church you can also find a beautiful garden filled with grass and olive trees, there is also an exhibition of glass paintings taken from the city of Byblos, there is also a status of Jesus and the cross.


May 21, 2017 by Alain