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Some of our users do share content from other websites or that is not created by them.
Lebanon in a picture is not in any way reponsible of that content even if the post include credits, name and links to the original original content.

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Lebanon in a picture is a media library and a blog, a non-commercial website, it's purpuse is to create a rich media library about Lebanon.
Lebanon in a picture, is not, and will not in any way commercially exploit the content without a prior written consent of the owner of each element.

To read more about our mission, please check the About Us ( page.

We're Back

We're Back...
Hello friends! If you noticed we have been off for more than a year now, that is because the whole situation between Covid and Lebanon is so...

Videos from the Beirut Blast August 4, 2020

Videos from the Beirut Blast August 4, 2020
A neglected stored 2750 of Nitrate Amonium in the port exploded due to unknown yet starter. The blast estimated to be equivalent to 12Kilo Tones...


38 Countries & Destinations Lebanese Can Visit Without a Visa
Find below a list of 38 countries and palces that we Lebanese can visit without a Visa. It's nice to know about such a list when planning a...

Almost $200 Generator Bill for June in Lebanon

Almost $200 Generator Bill for June in Lebanon
Generator Electricity Bill for Safra, Lebanon  So the bill for the 10 AMP generator electricity bill is 280,000 LL, add to that the normal...

The Rabbit Island , North Lebanon جزيرة الارانب ، شمال لبنان (Palm Island)

The Rabbit Island , North Lebanon جزيرة الارانب ، شمال لبنان (Palm Island)
The Rabbit Island or Palm Island or Jaziret l araned is the biggest island in Lebanon stretching at 4.2 KM2, it is located 5.5 Km from the coast...

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