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Byblos Castle and Citadel 360 Panoramic Virtual Tour

Check this virtual tour of different locations inside the Byblos Citadel including the small village roads, the roman theater and the famous Byblos beach house.

To get inside, head on to Byblos walk a little and ask for the castle entrance, pay the entrance fee which is less than 10,000LL and get inside to be amazed.

Inside the Citadel there are dirt roads than can stretch up to 5KM (But you don't have to walk them all unless you want to make a small exercise).

Go west to check the Roman theater and the famous beach house that shows up on top in any search of Byblos in Google. From the house you can see the famous Byblos sand beach AKA Edde Sands

Go east and a little bit to the north you will find some very old Phonetician tombs.

The whole site is amazing and full of flowers and nice smells especially in spring and summer.

If you're visiting during summer and a sunny day, make sure to take a hat as there are not many shade places inside.

If the above tour didn't open, please check it using link: https://www.lebanoninapicture.com/pano/byblos-cidatel

June 12, 2017 by Alain