Lebanon in a Picture

Nabil J is Stuck on Saida Beach Since April 24

The Boat "Nabil J", Saida Castle and Port in the Background


Today while driving back with my wife from South Lebanon to Beirut, I was struck by the sight of something big to the left... It was very big boat right there next to the beach and the main road.
Naturally, I stopped the car to take some photos and check what's going on.

Apparently, on April 11, 2017 a 77 meter cargo boat named "Nabil J" arrived and dropped anchor near Saida and on the 23rd of April, during the annual Saida Marathon, the anchor chain mal functioned or got broken and due to high wind the boat drifted towards the coast until it got stuck there. There was no injuries reported and that's good.

Since then, they tried to pull the ship out using Tug boats in high tide, however the tries have failed and now they're waiting for bigger Tug boats or maybe other plans.

A Saida business man even offered to buy the boat and transform it to a restaurant but I think the captain and crew don't like the idea since they even refused to leave the boat until it is rescued.

Meanwhile, and since it's there, it's becoming a famous attraction for curious people and while at it, why not take a selfie or a photo with Nabil J!

May 21, 2017 by Alain