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Free One Month Access to Baalbeck During Art Exhibition

Announced by the Lebanese Ministry of Culture, access to the historical Baalbeck Romanian ruins in Bekaa will be free for all visitors from mid-September till mid-October 2016.

The usual price is $10, so its a great deal especially for groups or families!

So if you didn't visit yet, it's time to visit this amazing place. And if you visited before It's always great to walk in these historical ruins.

A drive from Beirut to Baalbeck is around 1:30 hours.

If you don't have a car it's very easy to get to Baalbeck by Bus, just head to the Cola area in Beirut and take a mini bus from there, usually each 30 minutes a new bus leaves there to Baalbeck and it costs less than $5.

Check more photos, video and panoramic 360 views from Baalbeck following the #baalbeck hash tag.

September 02, 2016 by news