Repost @slaimennemer・・・Dear Members,Celebrating the 6th  anniversary... (Lebanon)

Repost @slaimennemer・・・Dear Members,Celebrating the 6th anniversary... (Lebanon)

#Repost @slaimennemer
Dear Members,

Celebrating the 6th #anniversary of our fb page Anfeh Al-Koura أنفه الكورة, we would like to thank all of you for your continuous support throughout these years. Our aim is and always has been, to provide guidance and help where needed and to promote our beloved #Anfeh in a #positive manner. We will continue to #support and unite our community within and abroad, and we hope to continue to prosper together as one.
With 29,000 fb page #followers, over 71,000 page reaches, and over 7,000 #Instagram followers thus far, our hometown’s popularity has significantly reached far beyond its borders nationally and internationally.

My childhood #dream of making Anfeh a sought after touristic destination is well on its way! For this exciting growth to continue we have learnt that positivity and #community care, respect and support is what helps to make us all successful and keeps us united.
Our #hope is that Anfeh will continue to become an intended destination throughout all seasons and our welcoming hearts and continued efforts will allow visitors to return and see the potential of our town as we do.

So let’s further our love for our town, highlight our rich history and continue to promote progress by highlighting the beauty that is, Anfeh.

Slaimen El-Nemer

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ورقة الحرٌري
”ورقة الحرٌري“ االقتصادٌة التً ٌتباحث فٌها مع االطراف السٌاسٌة وٌتوقع طرحها امام المواطنٌن لتخفٌف موجة االحتجاجات، انها تتضمن ما سماه ا

مقترحات لتعديل الدستور - لبنان ينتفض
لبنان ينتفض الزالة الطبقة الحاكمة الحالية ، يجب العمل عىل ازالة المادة ال . انكافة الحكومات ىت عينتهم م الدستور الن الغاء الطائفية سيؤدى اىل الغاء...


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Almost $200 Generator Bill for June in Lebanon

Almost $200 Generator Bill for June in Lebanon
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The Rabbit Island , North Lebanon جزيرة الارانب ، شمال لبنان (Palm Island)

The Rabbit Island , North Lebanon جزيرة الارانب ، شمال لبنان (Palm Island)
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